Sunday, March 20


I am not the stereotype of person. I am timid. I am a geek.
I barely move from my seat. I barely run. I barely shout.
I am used to being tranquil. Poised. Subtle.

That's me when I am still a stranger to you.

Most of my (recently) close friends, we're SHOCKED! ohh no, DAZED! and SURPRISED! when they knew who really is FIONA MICAELA FLORES VALDES, in short, me.

My animalistic side was unveiled in front of me when I am still in my high school.
I am wild at heart. Ohh no, not the slutty type of wildness. Wild meaning mean & uncontrollable in behavior.
I am naughty, sneaky and bad.

In terms of being animalistic in fashion, it was an unfathomable obsession of moi last year. I was really obsessed with everything zebra, tiger and leopard. But I have to dispose of them, since I cannot incorporate it with my style back then. I cannot wear them in public, and I cannot wear them since it makes me look F-A-T. boo!
So this dress was left out in my closet. That's the last unconventional piece left there. So I've decided to have it for keeps, since no one wants to buy it and I guess it is really for me even though it was an impulsive buy. I know it would look odd if ever I'll wear it on public. LOL.

So here's me, I curled my hair, I really want it to look big, like a tiger, but epic failed. :|

Zebra printed bodycon from vintage
Wedge pumps from Parisian 

Monday, March 14


Parsimony : other term for thrift, economical, frugality.

 So this day, was one of those peculiar yet planned days. Me and my sister went to my fave shoe-kay (shoe thrift shop), and I saw a black high-heeled oxford which is in my size, I immediately grabbed it and tried it on, YAY! It fits me. But I didn't buy it *sigh. I know, I know, I've always been like that. So our next stop was this nearby thrift shop, and it startled me because of their wide range of shoes and of course, DRESSES. I then, went off to the racks of dresses and the feeling of I don't know where to begin whacked me again. My sweat is all over my forehead. Let the ransacking begin. I bumped into a lot of great great pieces, by great meaning ala Topshop, Forever 21, Zara, but I should not be tamed by them since I have a goal which I have to accomplish and that is to look for the perfect dress for my cousin which she'll be wearing in her friend's debut and in their grad. ball. I bumped into this:

Very vintage, eh? I tried it on but it's too short and too sheer. So I turned it down.
But I bought myself this lace dress and it is so pretty and it fits good on me, I opted not to show it yet since I'll be wearing it on our cocktail party. SURPRISE. SURPRISE. :)

Nest stop, was the another thrift store across. They're on sale. And my sister found this two,
they're not really attached I just put them together in one hanger.


So that's it for now. I will blog about the other happy events that happened today next week, since I'm going to be busy starting tomorrow. :)
Ciao for now. :)

Friday, March 11

post-processing run-through

Yesterday, I snitch in my post about the vintage photo effect tutorial that I have watched in Youtube, so here's the verdict / result of my self-studying;

( this is the back of c'est moi )
( fat /:| )

 wondering why they're all a back shot of me? LOL. In case you didn't notice, I am emphasizing my hair, which I curled but epic failed. *sigh.
That's it! The vintage effect that I've been craving for. I am so shallow, no?

k.bye. :|

Thursday, March 10

my pristine header image

I made this image just a few minutes ago. Just now. LOLJK.

Really, being creative is like an HEART ATTACK, I never see it coming. So I better call it, ART ATTACK (which is my favorite art show way back then .) LOL.
I recently watched a tutorial about how to achieve a vintage photo effect. So I kind of achieve the effect that I want.
I want to personalize it and make it my own so I experimented on the colors and I also think of the right words on what I still want to do with my life. :) And that is to; take pictures. be an artist. eat gummy worms. travel abroad and BE WHO I AM.

In our I.T. class earlier this day, we were asked to make a power point presentation. I know right. 2nd year college? Power point? SUPERLOL. We made a presentation about *drumroll please* OURSELVES.
1st slide: some basic infos about us. i.e. Name, Address, Cellphone number, so on and so forth.
2nd slide: ABOUT ME!!! my reaction was OHH NO!? haha. It was the most difficult and absurd cliche for me.
My seatmate saw what I typed in and he was like: *laughing* Ano ba yang mga nilalagay mo? Grabe blogger ka nga.
And I was like, I know right. JK. I told him that I am not that much of a blogger since I am just starting off. But I really feel great about him telling that matter to me. And I hope he is not the only one who read my blog. Hello? Is anybody there? :) talk to me please.


Monday, March 7


I have been an Adobe Photoshop user since 2006. So I've been using Adobe for about 5 years now.
It has a very very wide range of options but some of them are really unfathomable for someone like me who is just self-analyzing and trying to study it by myself.
I love my Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended edition. It enhances the quality of the pictures, it gives depth and makes it dynamic.
Lately, I've learned about How to give an image a 3D effect.

So here it is.

Sunday, March 6


Last night, me and boyfriend went to Mall of Asia to suckle my obsession in fireworks and well, celebrate our 5th anniversary. (I know right, 5th anniversary? can't believe it.)
So the plan was, we will meet in LRT Quirino Ave. station at around 4:30 pm, but due to unfortunate events, I left home at around 5 pm, and I just told him that I will notify him thru text whenever I am near the meeting place already.
To make it short, I waited for him for about 30 minutes and damn! It's so creepy there. It's getting dark already and there are only few people on the platform. & then around 6:30 pm, he came. (Very very punctual boyfriend award goes to him. Haha.)

(while waiting for him, snapshot of the speeding cars)

When we got there, there are myriad of people. Everyone was heading to the Bay area, and it was quite fun to watch because everyone was rushing. *mean*
So we are looking for a perfect spot where we can see the fireworks and where  I can shoot it without impediments.
Some people are really so rude, they don't care if they have blocked someones view already. It really pisses me off, because last night it happened to us 3 times. Those rude people, mostly bunch of girls, are so ill-mannered. Their getting on my nerves already and I really wanted to tell them, "Hey, we are behind you, and we are going to watch too!"
But I don't think it would make any difference. So I told my boyfriend that I will just buy tickets so we could watch the fireworks clearly and avoid disrespectful earthlings.


Friday, March 4


These are the two girls I spend my everyday life in school with. Crystel and Erica.
We, three are very unlike in many ways. We have our own uniqueness. We have our own interests.
In spite of all those dissimilarities, we're having FUN.

From Left: Erica, Crystel and Me.

Photographed by: Ken De Luna
Post-processed by: c'est moi
Location: UE-Caloocan


I know I can draw, but gawd! can’t believe I can do more than that.
I haven’t told anyone (except those who really know me) that I really really opt for Architecture or Interior Design or Fine Arts before when I was still in the verge of comprehending and thinking of what course I am going to take. But my Dad, who is an Architect by nature, told me that it is not just about the traveling, so I changed my mind, I wanted Fine Arts, to make the story short, I didn’t took any of those choices above, I fell in BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, I just choose to be practical. I know I can still do arts whenever I want to, because this skill will never ever go away because I know for a fact that it runs in my veins already.

Whenever I was asked, why HRM?
I don’t know what to say. I can’t utter the words right because this isn’t my first choice. Sometimes, I’m faking it. Telling lies about why I took up HRM. *sniff*


and my choice is HRM, but my heart will always be in ARTS. I am now looking for ways on how I will incorporate ARTS in HRM.