Sunday, March 20


I am not the stereotype of person. I am timid. I am a geek.
I barely move from my seat. I barely run. I barely shout.
I am used to being tranquil. Poised. Subtle.

That's me when I am still a stranger to you.

Most of my (recently) close friends, we're SHOCKED! ohh no, DAZED! and SURPRISED! when they knew who really is FIONA MICAELA FLORES VALDES, in short, me.

My animalistic side was unveiled in front of me when I am still in my high school.
I am wild at heart. Ohh no, not the slutty type of wildness. Wild meaning mean & uncontrollable in behavior.
I am naughty, sneaky and bad.

In terms of being animalistic in fashion, it was an unfathomable obsession of moi last year. I was really obsessed with everything zebra, tiger and leopard. But I have to dispose of them, since I cannot incorporate it with my style back then. I cannot wear them in public, and I cannot wear them since it makes me look F-A-T. boo!
So this dress was left out in my closet. That's the last unconventional piece left there. So I've decided to have it for keeps, since no one wants to buy it and I guess it is really for me even though it was an impulsive buy. I know it would look odd if ever I'll wear it on public. LOL.

So here's me, I curled my hair, I really want it to look big, like a tiger, but epic failed. :|

Zebra printed bodycon from vintage
Wedge pumps from Parisian 

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