Monday, March 14


Parsimony : other term for thrift, economical, frugality.

 So this day, was one of those peculiar yet planned days. Me and my sister went to my fave shoe-kay (shoe thrift shop), and I saw a black high-heeled oxford which is in my size, I immediately grabbed it and tried it on, YAY! It fits me. But I didn't buy it *sigh. I know, I know, I've always been like that. So our next stop was this nearby thrift shop, and it startled me because of their wide range of shoes and of course, DRESSES. I then, went off to the racks of dresses and the feeling of I don't know where to begin whacked me again. My sweat is all over my forehead. Let the ransacking begin. I bumped into a lot of great great pieces, by great meaning ala Topshop, Forever 21, Zara, but I should not be tamed by them since I have a goal which I have to accomplish and that is to look for the perfect dress for my cousin which she'll be wearing in her friend's debut and in their grad. ball. I bumped into this:

Very vintage, eh? I tried it on but it's too short and too sheer. So I turned it down.
But I bought myself this lace dress and it is so pretty and it fits good on me, I opted not to show it yet since I'll be wearing it on our cocktail party. SURPRISE. SURPRISE. :)

Nest stop, was the another thrift store across. They're on sale. And my sister found this two,
they're not really attached I just put them together in one hanger.


So that's it for now. I will blog about the other happy events that happened today next week, since I'm going to be busy starting tomorrow. :)
Ciao for now. :)

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