Thursday, March 10

my pristine header image

I made this image just a few minutes ago. Just now. LOLJK.

Really, being creative is like an HEART ATTACK, I never see it coming. So I better call it, ART ATTACK (which is my favorite art show way back then .) LOL.
I recently watched a tutorial about how to achieve a vintage photo effect. So I kind of achieve the effect that I want.
I want to personalize it and make it my own so I experimented on the colors and I also think of the right words on what I still want to do with my life. :) And that is to; take pictures. be an artist. eat gummy worms. travel abroad and BE WHO I AM.

In our I.T. class earlier this day, we were asked to make a power point presentation. I know right. 2nd year college? Power point? SUPERLOL. We made a presentation about *drumroll please* OURSELVES.
1st slide: some basic infos about us. i.e. Name, Address, Cellphone number, so on and so forth.
2nd slide: ABOUT ME!!! my reaction was OHH NO!? haha. It was the most difficult and absurd cliche for me.
My seatmate saw what I typed in and he was like: *laughing* Ano ba yang mga nilalagay mo? Grabe blogger ka nga.
And I was like, I know right. JK. I told him that I am not that much of a blogger since I am just starting off. But I really feel great about him telling that matter to me. And I hope he is not the only one who read my blog. Hello? Is anybody there? :) talk to me please.


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