Sunday, March 6


Last night, me and boyfriend went to Mall of Asia to suckle my obsession in fireworks and well, celebrate our 5th anniversary. (I know right, 5th anniversary? can't believe it.)
So the plan was, we will meet in LRT Quirino Ave. station at around 4:30 pm, but due to unfortunate events, I left home at around 5 pm, and I just told him that I will notify him thru text whenever I am near the meeting place already.
To make it short, I waited for him for about 30 minutes and damn! It's so creepy there. It's getting dark already and there are only few people on the platform. & then around 6:30 pm, he came. (Very very punctual boyfriend award goes to him. Haha.)

(while waiting for him, snapshot of the speeding cars)

When we got there, there are myriad of people. Everyone was heading to the Bay area, and it was quite fun to watch because everyone was rushing. *mean*
So we are looking for a perfect spot where we can see the fireworks and where  I can shoot it without impediments.
Some people are really so rude, they don't care if they have blocked someones view already. It really pisses me off, because last night it happened to us 3 times. Those rude people, mostly bunch of girls, are so ill-mannered. Their getting on my nerves already and I really wanted to tell them, "Hey, we are behind you, and we are going to watch too!"
But I don't think it would make any difference. So I told my boyfriend that I will just buy tickets so we could watch the fireworks clearly and avoid disrespectful earthlings.


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