Friday, March 4


I know I can draw, but gawd! can’t believe I can do more than that.
I haven’t told anyone (except those who really know me) that I really really opt for Architecture or Interior Design or Fine Arts before when I was still in the verge of comprehending and thinking of what course I am going to take. But my Dad, who is an Architect by nature, told me that it is not just about the traveling, so I changed my mind, I wanted Fine Arts, to make the story short, I didn’t took any of those choices above, I fell in BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, I just choose to be practical. I know I can still do arts whenever I want to, because this skill will never ever go away because I know for a fact that it runs in my veins already.

Whenever I was asked, why HRM?
I don’t know what to say. I can’t utter the words right because this isn’t my first choice. Sometimes, I’m faking it. Telling lies about why I took up HRM. *sniff*


and my choice is HRM, but my heart will always be in ARTS. I am now looking for ways on how I will incorporate ARTS in HRM.

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