Saturday, February 19


I am not a bag person, I am more into shoes. I love shoes. :)
But if you're going to ask me "what's in my bag?" I would definitely show you what.
I own small number of bags. Most of my bags are just gifts from relatives. I don't splurge much for a bag, if I love and like it, I don't care whatever the brand is. I mostly buy my bags from a thrift shop. I prefer shoulder bags, the messenger type of bag.
I use a Hello Kitty tote for school and for other events or cases, it'll depend on my outfit. But most of the time, I use my brown small sling bag which will carry my cellphone, coin purse and sanitary tissue only. So since I need to bring more stuff, and because of some unfortunate events that I had experienced for not bringing such significant necessities, I now use a heather gray messenger bag and/ or a brown bucket bag. :)

So enough of it.

In my bag:
- baby girl love perfume from Bench.
-velvet lip color in Plum
-my trusty cellphone (kind of old, but I can't let go of it. haha.)
-lullaby wet wipes (well, you never know when you need it.)
-fold-able comb and brush
-fruity jelly lipgloss from Maybelline
-smooth mineral blush in Blushed
-Bath & Body Works Lemon anti-bac sanitizer
-pink wayfarers from Rayban
-coin purse
-and my Fuji s1800 camera
-and I forgot to include in the picture my fuchsia pink umbrella.

So that's it.

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