Thursday, February 17


My enchantment for ukay shopping start off when we were still living in Makati City.
There are plenty of thrift shops near our home. So one day, my Mom tagged me along
in one of her visits in the thrift shops. That day was the beginning of a fascination I
have up until now. What I saw there surprised me and almost change my life ehh?

And then we moved somewhere in Quezon City. My love for ukay shopping was suddenly shattered. By that time, I am in a verge of letting go of the place where we almost grew old.
I was depressed, sad and down. The fact that we are now living in a gloomy place was still not sinking. So I am not eager to explore our new environment. Then, just last year, around January 2010, while I'm reading an article in the newspaper, my love for ukay shopping was evoked once more. I am now searching for the nearest thrift shops in our home and school.
I am now once more alive and kickin'. Haha. :)
I am planning to have a project here in my blog which will be entitled "30 days of dressing up".
Where I am going to post 1 outfit a day which I bought from a thrift shop, but I am still thinking about it since I don't go to thrift shops everyday.

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